BenLink Brews Success

with Introduction of New Service Package

BenLink has introduced and successfully delivered their new “Valve Maintenance Package“ for breweries.
This new service alongside their existing portfolio of efficient, high quality services.

preventive valve maintenance

In January 2021, BenLink executed their first new Valve Maintenance Package at one of the top ten largest breweries in Germany.

Five technicians from the Benlink Crowd, all qualified and trained for valve maintenance, attended the site for 4 days to perform preventive valve maintenance. Works were completed across a diverse range of valve types, including butterfly, non-returns, regulating and single-seat valves.

The works were carried out seamlessly, without the requirement for any supervision or guidance from the sites own in-house engineering team and was delivered efficiently and to the high standard the industry has come to expect from BenLink.

Preventive valve maintenance is essential to avoid downtime due to leaking valves, to ensure consistent product quality, to prevent losses in throughput, and to increase service life.

“What a great start into the year, to be able to show this new package in action, and add this to our large portfolio of complementary services for breweries and the wider F&B industry

BenLink CEO, Riccardo Semadeni.

“We had a great team of technicians on site, who delivered a high-quality service for the customer.

This was a first step towards providing further valve maintenance and other complementary services, such as pump and conveyor maintenance to customers across the brewing segment.

We have already received a follow up order for the second week of February 2021 and I feel very confident that we will see a very successful roll-out into the rest of the market.“

Business Development Manager, Markus Appel

BenLink provides

  • maintenance
  • repair
  • inspection, and
  • installation services

for industrial food production sites.

With leading technology and know-how, our vast technician network and full digital integration, we can offer quality services more flexible, fast, and affordable than ever before.

Our Services

We offer standardized, first level services
for the food industry.

Conveyor Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on conveyor elements to ensure optimal throughput of the system.

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Maintenance of Universal Cleaning Machines

Cleaning and inspection of a screen cleaning machine for optimum throughput.

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Scale Inspection

Inspection and calibration of a scale to maintain its functionality and accuracy.

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Preventive Valve Maintenance

Periodic check of the valve condition, inspection of wear parts and lubrication.

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Roll Change for Roller Mills

Quick Pack roll replacement.

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General Mechanical Support

Additional mechanical labor on-hand to support you with inspections, maintenance and cleaning of your equipment and plant.

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