4 simple steps

BenLink provides services such as maintenance, small repairs, inspections and installations of machines and equipment at food production sites. Register your company and technicians and become part of the BenLink service network to access new service jobs.

Register your company

Register your company on the platform

Register you technicians

Invite your technicians to the platform and they complete their profile

Online training for technicians

Get your technicians ready for the service jobs

Accept a service job online

Receive and accept service job requests

Global network of technicians – right around you

Work diversely and grow your expertise

 You can register for the BenLink network irrespective of whether you are active in the food industry or in another technical industry (such as wastewater, automotive, pharma, etc.). The platform allows you to upskill your technicians for new segments and service jobs in the food industry. We provide them with the opportunity to constantly learn, develop and do new and diverse work.

  • Online trainings (based on know-how of equipment manufacturer)
  • On-site support from equipment manufacturer experts
  • Diverse jobs across all segments in the food industry

New, flexible job opportunities

As a service company, you get access to new business opportunities in your area. You can accept service jobs flexibly based on the current capacity and availability of your employees. Service jobs are matched based on the skill profile and trainings of your registered technicians. The more online trainings your technicians do, the more jobs you will be able to access.

  • Increase your turnover and profit
  • Fill gaps in your order books short- & long-term
  • You decide which service requests to accept
  • Access a diverse range of local service jobs
  • Reduce your marketing and acquisition costs

Quality Service Anywhere

The BenLink platform environment integrates all processes from company registration to accepting service jobs to administration and billing. New service requests get automatically forwarded to the closest service companies that have technicians with the necessary skill profile.

  • Free digital platform – no costs nor upfront obligations
  • Fast and simple order management
  • Fast payment

Requirements to be part of the BenLink network

Our network of qualified technicians is constantly growing. In order to provide an excellent service to our customers, we expect your company to bring the motivation and technical skills.

  • Willingness to use our new digital model for service requests and management
  • Interest in trying new job types & applications
  • Openness to use digital support and online trainings
  • Your technicians must own or have access to a smartphone or a PC

Our Services

We offer standardized, first level services
for the food industry.

Conveyor Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on conveyor elements to ensure optimal throughput of the system.

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Maintenance of Universal Cleaning Machines

Cleaning and inspection of a screen cleaning machine for optimum throughput.

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Scale Inspection

Inspection and calibration of a scale to maintain its functionality and accuracy.

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Preventive Valve Maintenance

Periodic check of the valve condition, inspection of wear parts and lubrication.

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Roll Change for Roller Mills

Quick Pack roll replacement.

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General Mechanical Support

Additional mechanical labor on-hand to support you with inspections, maintenance and cleaning of your equipment and plant.

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